Magic Mushrooms

This technology is quite simple so that the independent correct implementation of all the rules is not difficult even for beginners. Nevertheless, some nuances must be taken into account even when using high-quality industrially prepared bags with a mixture of mycelium and substrate.

Buy Shrooms Online : growing at home, sanitary requirements :

When performing many work operations, special attention is paid to sanitation issues. Disinfection of premises, blocks filled with mycelium and substrate is carried out. Good results will help to obtain the following measures used in the complex:

· You should not plan to grow Buy Shrooms Online near poultry farms and other places that are potential sources of harmful microorganisms, insects.
· In industrial production, the premises for the substrate will be separated from those in which the cultivation of mushrooms is carried out.
· When planning the schedule of work, a special priority is established. First, “clean” and then “dirty” technological processes are performed.
· High-quality filters are installed in the ventilation system to clean the incoming air from contaminants. They are changed in a timely manner to ensure sufficient efficiency.
· Inlet and outlet nodes of the ventilation system are installed taking into account the wind rose.
· So that cleaning does not cause unnecessary difficulties, the floors in the working rooms are made smooth, with a slope towards the drain.
Crates that are used for harvesting are disinfected and washed after each use.

Buy Shrooms Online : growing at home, important notes :

Each separate stage of cultivation technology is considered no less carefully. If the bags are installed horizontally, then they are slightly crushed from above and below for the stability of the columns. It is better to use vertical placement, which provides good air flow to a relatively large surface area. The temperature during the incubation and cultivation periods is limited to +25°C to +28°C. In self-preparation of the mixture, the optimal ratios of mycelium and substrate are selected, taking into account their parameters.

If Role Of Mushrooms In The Diet are chosen , growing at home won’t be overly complicated. It is not difficult to work with these mushrooms, but following the recommendations listed above will help eliminate errors and have a beneficial effect on the qualitative and quantitative parameters of future crops.

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